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Our Origin Story

Corona beer’s international expansion began in the South and Southwestern regions of the US — with American tourists returning from Mexico bringing a taste for the beer they’d enjoyed on the sunny beaches of Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta home with them.

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A Taste of the Sun

In 1979, Corona Extra was introduced in the U.S. and quickly became synonymous with the American beach and barbecue lifestyle.

Corona Bottles on Ice Corona Light Bottle Cap

In the late ‘80s, people started asking for a more calorie-conscious beer that didn’t skimp on taste — and we listened. Corona Light was introduced to U.S. customers in 1989, and you probably know the rest.

A New Generation

Recently, we’ve added a few new drinks to kick back with, to give more choices for everyone who’s already living La Vida Más Fina. We started with Corona Premier, our lower-carb, lower-calorie*, and smoother-taste option.

*Compared to 12 fl. oz. serving Corona Extra: 148 calories, Carbs 13.9 grams, Protein 1.2 grams, Fat 0.0 grams. 

Corona Extra and Premier Cans Corona Premier Can Corona Extra Can
Corona Seltzer Cocktails
Corona Refresca Daquiri Boozy Pops

From there, we debuted Corona Seltzer, our take on the undeniable appeal of spiked seltzer, and Corona Refresca, a light and sweet (but not *too* sweet) ABA product for a different category of beer drinkers.

Of course, our story doesn’t end here — we’re just getting started.

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