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of ocean plastic comes from land-based sources


We're on a mission to clean up

100 Beaches

and eliminate

1 Million Pounds

of plastic from our business and beaches by 2025.

Beaches will always be special to us. From tropical oceanside shores to urban riverside parks, they’re where we gather to relax, refresh and live the fine life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help with protecting our beaches now and for future generations.


We’ve partnered with Oceanic Global, a non-profit leader in ocean conservation, to help clean our beaches and reduce plastic pollution.

So, how will we eliminate 1 million pounds of plastic?

We’re spearheading high impact cleanups of America’s most polluted beaches and also hosting smaller community cleanup events so we can all help out together. But it doesn’t stop there. We’re taking a close look at our business practices, and working with Oceanic Global to reduce unnecessary plastics and replace them with sustainable alternatives.

Join Us in Cleaning Up 100 Beaches

We’ll be hosting community beach cleanups across the country. We’ll be adding more cleanups throughout the summer, so click below to find a cleanup near you.

Find A Beach Cleanup

Learn more about how to do your part with Oceanic Global’s cleanup guide and purchase your Corona toolkit.