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We're on a mission to clean up 100 Beaches and remove 1 Million Pounds of plastic from our business and beaches by 2025.

Together with our partners at Oceanic Global, we’ve cleaned
47 beaches and removed over 735,613.61 lbs of plastic (that’s nearly 3x the weight of the Statue of Liberty!) and we’re just getting started.



About Corona’s Mission to Protect Our Beaches

Beaches will always be special to us. From tropical oceanside shores to urban riverside parks, beaches are places of relaxation that are core to Corona's DNA. They’re where we gather to relax, refresh and live the fine life. That's why we're working with Oceanic Global to help remove the growing problem of plastic pollution and to Protect Our Beaches now and for future.

Discover our High Impact Cleanups

2023 - Corpus Christi (Texas)

2022 - The Channel Islands & Santa Maria Riverbed(California) 

2021 - South Dade Wetlands (Florida)

How Corona is Taking Action

80% of plastic comes from land-based sources. To address this, we’ve been spearheading high impact cleanups of America’s most polluted beaches. Since 2020, we’ve also been hosting community cleanup events at beaches around the country so that we can all help out together.

But that’s not all. We’ve been taking an even closer look at our business practices and working to meet the criteria outlined in Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard to reduce unnecessary plastics and replace them with sustainable alternatives.

47 Beaches Cleaned with Communities across the US Since 2021 and we’re just getting started!  

Protect our Beaches Community Cleanups to Date

Join Us in Taking Action

We’ll be hosting community beach cleanups across the country so
that we can all take action to Protect Our Beaches together. Stay tuned as
we add more cleanups starting Summer 2023! Click below to 


Download our free beach cleanup guide, developed with Oceanic Global, to host your own Corona cleanup. Don’t forget to snag your Corona beach cleanup toolkit for supplies.

Interested in learning more about how to play your part? 

Check out Education & Resources from our partners at Oceanic Global.